Terms and Conditions

Payment and Delivery

1) You can make payments to any of our Company’s Bank accounts by making Bank Advance EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).
2) Paypal Payment on our Site
At the end of your order you can pay with your Paypal Account. If you cancel your order, your Paypal account will be paid within 3 business days.
3) Ordered Price
In case your order is canceled due to possible reasons; Our Natural Products Shop will return the product price to your Bank account or Paypal account within three business days. However, you need to accurately and completely report your bank account information and / or Paypal account information to our company financial authorities.
4) Delivery and Cargo
We try to deliver the products you ordered on the same day to cargo. The delivery time for the products taking the time of the delivery is 1 working day as mentioned in detail of the product. You will be informed in case of a delayed delivery.
Please inform the address of your place of delivery within the day so that the delivery of the product can be done without delay.
Your claims will be processed to be prepared according to the type of delivery you specified at the end of the order. Products from our Berlin-based company will be shipped via the International Post Office cargo company. Your order will be delivered to Cargo company at the end of 1 (one) business day at the latest after approval.
You can consult with our customer representative about the different delivery terms. Also cargo deliveries are Internationally applicable
5) Payment Inspection
If the system can not carry out the transaction for any reason, our visitors are informed about the payment page.
In case of any error in the specified address, the order is contacted with the orderer regarding the order that can not be delivered.
The validity of the e-mail address indicated by our visitors is confirmed by automatic e-mail sent after the order has been transferred.
Open and check the packages you think you are damaged during shipment in front of the company’s representative. If you think that there is any damage in the product, you should keep the record to the cargo company and receive the product.
It is accepted that the cargo company fully fulfills its duty after the delivery of the product.
If the product is damaged: Please write your statement as soon as possible Order Line Yada WhatsApp number and send it to naturalproductsshopnet@gmail.com.
If you perform these operations, we will start to work on your package and ensure delivery is repeated as soon as possible.
If you briefly explain why you would like to return the product within this email, you are helping us with our product-related work.

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